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Where to Go from Here: Astro-Mapping to Change Your Life

I was born in New York City, making me that rare breed: a “native New Yorker.” Even though I have urban living in my blood, turns out…I kind of hate living in a city. As soon as I was old enough, I hightailed it out of New York for the greener pastures of anywhere-but-here. I now live in rural North Carolina, raising my kids in an environment that couldn’t be farther from the one I grew up in. read the full post ♐

Sept 4 1957
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The Shocking Truth about Aquarius

On the first day of school in September, 1957, in Little Rock, Arkansas, this girl ceased to be just herself and became instead an icon of the Civil Rights movement. On that day and forever more, her individual identity was eclipsed by her identification with her race. read the full post ♐